Drone View Permanent ML

Drone View Permanent ML is an android application which is developed by (Han Esports). Additionally, This application is small in size and also third-party app therefore you cannot download this tool from Google Play Store.
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Han Esports
October 06, 2022
Android 5+
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Hello buddies, today we have an amazing advantage for Mobile Legend Bang Bang players. Additionally, in this post, the admin will share information about Drone View Permanent ML and on how to make the appearance of Mobile Legend wider and wider by using the drone view apk, In addition, it is an amazing tool that is used to inject or modify the MLBB game. Moreover, you can download and install the mod application without any cost.

Additionally, this application is listed in the tool category and it is an updated version and modified versions. Indeed, this tool is similar to the Ark Injector and Nix Injector; both apps have the same features and same functions. Moreover, also check New Box skin to improve your gaming abilities.

Drone View ML Apk Review:

Finally, we got an awesome app for you which is made only for the Mobile legend Bang Bang Game. Indeed, this VIP Drone View ML 2022 APK unlocks the View angle of MLBB in an easy step. The mobile legend bang bang has unique premium features which make this APK better, if you want to unlock premium features you have to pay money for them.  

But here we have a big advantage for you; with the help of this fantastic application, you can unlock more fantastic and premium features without any cost. And once you use that features and new tricks in your game then your account will be boosted automatically and you will become a winner easily.

In addition, this mod menu apk is especially for those players who are new to the MLBB game. So, what do you think, and why do you wait to get up and download this awesome apk file without any cost and enjoy unlimited fun with your friends. For more keeps reading the post below.

Features of Drone View Permanent ML:

  • One-click MOD: The app allows you to get any extra add-on in Mobile legends with just one click.
  • Unlimited Aim: There is an unlimited aim with fast reloading.
  • Light-weight: The app is lightweight as its only work is to load a particular script from the Internet.
  • Dark mode: You can able to change your game in light or dark mode.
  • Drone View v1: This is where you can use the 1st version of the drone script
  • Drone View v2: Toggle it on to load version 2 of the drone script.
  • Unlimited health: Unlimited health is available no need for a kid box.
  • High Damage Script: High damage script can be loaded.
  • Smooth connection: A lot of people are experiencing lag with the Mobile Legends server. Use this feature if you’re one of them.
  • Jungle Damage: This increases 10% more damage while in the jungle.
  • Multiple Scripts: You can load multiple script files from the Internet with this app.
  • Automatic Script-load: Yet to be added.
  • Hero Damage: This increases 10% more damage to being a hero.
  • And many more amazing features are available which are coming soon.

Key Features VIP Drone View ML 2022 Apk:

It has an awesome application with amazing features Developed by (Han Esports)this app has helped thousands of players woo enemies with their fighting tactics. No one will see you coming with Drone View ML. So, some key features this mod application has given below

  • Offers all of its functions for free.
  • Password-free application.
  • Ads-free also.
  • The script, load the one you want.
  • Map mod available.
  • Run in water.
  • Aim-lock/Aim-bot.
  • Enjoy 10% Jungle and Hero damage.
  • New and updated version.
  • Get multiple camera dimensions, the app comes with 2 versions of the new script, load the one you want.
  • Sniper headshot.
  • Allows you to load several scripts from the Internet like High Damage Script and more.
  • Flying cars and tracks are available.
  • New guns are totally free for all.
  • Use the Smooth Connection feature if you are facing lag and insensitivity issues.
  • Just takes up 8.33 MB of space.
  • Enjoy 10% Jungle and Hero damage.
  • Safe to use.
  • Fake name or Fake IMEI.
  • No need for recoil.
  • Small in size.
  • And more key features are coming soon.


Q: What is Drone View Permanent ML?

Drone View Permanent ML is an android application which is developed by (Han Esports). Additionally, This application is small in size and also a third-party app therefore you cannot download this tool from Google Play Store.

In addition, this application gives you so many features that make an easy way to complete your match like new ML skin, custom backgrounds, analog, Map tricks, New battle effects, and so on features in the New and updated version.

MLBB game is famous all around the world because of its awesome feature. The MLBB workers make changes day by day to improve their gaming experience and remove errors etc. so, don’t waste your time and just click on the download button and get it as well as fast.

Q: Is Drone View Permanent ML Mod Menu Safe to use?

Additionally, we already say that the app you are going to use is not available in Google Play Store for several reasons. But it’s safe to use, however, this is an anti-ban application therefore you can use this app without any hesitation.

And according to the developer, this app will protect ML accounts from being banned. So, don’t worry about anything and use it. Furthermore, if you like this tool then please share it with others.

How to download and Install Drone View ML Apk into your android handset:

  1. Drone View APK file download on your Android device via the link provided.
  2. Now, wait for 10 seconds to complete the downloading process.
  3. After that, install the application and allow the permission as well.
  4. Run the application and login into the app with a password: anjay work
  5. Tap on the view option, and now you want to use it in the official game.
  6. Just click and wait for the process and it will be completed.
  7. If you have just opened the mobile legends game.
  8. You can try it in the mode and map where you want to use high graphic settings.
  9. Enjoy your application.

How to use it?                     

  1. Launch the app and it will ask for necessary permissions.
  2. After granting permissions, choose from the option SOLO or TEAM and activate Drone view v1.0
  3. After that, tap on it and select the download script.
  4. Now, open MLBB and enjoy the drone view.
  5. That’s it.


Finally, this is the end of admin information about Drone View Permanent ML Apk. Indeed, if you want to get more apps and tools for your MLBB game then please click on the Apps, Tools category and more amazing updated versions. Moreover, you can also able to use the search box to find a more specific post.

As well as, if you have any questions then please submit them in the comment column below, and don’t forget to always visit Apkpod.net for other new and latest updates.

Good Luck!

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